SC Uplet Version 1.6 Released, Adds Sorting Ability To The My Tracks Dialog

I am pleased to announce that SC Uplet version 1.6 is now available. Follow this link to download this new release, which includes a number of usability improvements and bug fixes.
Most notably, the “My Tracks” dialog now lets you sort your tracks by clicking the column headers. The dialog also got two new columns: Date and Length. The main window also received a minor re-style and now allows you to open the permalink for an uploaded track simply by hitting the Enter key. On top of all that, SC Uplet now ships as a native Windows executable file, though you’ll still need to have Java installed to run the application. You also don’t need any external DLL-files anymore.
Consult the included README.txt file for a full list of changes.

I was also alerted to some problems with the payment and activation system for those with a paid SoundCloud plan. These issues have been resolved as well. No data was lost in the process. Should you have any further concerns, please drop me a line.