SC Uplet 1.7 Released, Contains 2 New Features And Over 30 Minor Enhancements

I just put a somewhat experimental update to SC Uplet online. We’re now at version 1.7. New and noteworthy are the ability to work with sets and the option for Pro plan users to disable comments on their tracks. Both of these features are experimental in that they could do with more testing. Please start by adding tracks to new sets before you jump in and alter your multi-digit-number-of-tracks set. As always, your feedback is welcome. Check the contact page.

Besides these new features there is a slew of smaller enhancements and bug fixes. The changelog, found in README.txt, lists most of them. In general, the application should simply be easier and more intuitive to use. It might even be a tick faster.

That’s about it. Head over to the project page and give it a spin!