SC Uplet has been discontinued

SC Uplet version 1.0 was released on Monday, November 12, 2012 with a blog post following a few days later. I made many changes since then, with the last release at the end of last year.

Also around the end of last year I started seeing some connection issues with SoundCloud. If poetic writing is your thing you could, all in hindsight of course, call this the beginning of the end. While I haven’t done much investigation I have a reasonable picture of what’s going on. And with that in mind, today marks the end of the SC Uplet project. Not because the issue can’t be fixed, but because I haven’t used SoundCloud myself in 3 years and priorities have shifted.

There are no interesting stats about the number of megabytes uploaded with this utility. But I have heard from numerous people who enjoyed using SC Uplet. It was also a fun project for me. Thank you for those 4 years!

SC Uplet v1.12 released, recommended update

A new version of SC Uplet is now available. This is a minor but strongly recommended update. It contains changes to comply with some changes SoundCloud made to the way sets are retrieved. As a bonus, if you have many sets retrieving them should be a bit faster now. Some other issues were also addressed.

There are some open problems with this version that probably require SoundCloud’s attention to be resolved. When sharing to social media, the track is uploaded correctly but the shared message never appears. Furthermore, when deleting a track or set, an error message saying “Internal server error” may appear. The track or set is still deleted. Should you find any other problems, please let me know.

Click through to the project page to download version 1.12.