SC Uplet 1.9 Released, A Must-Have For All Users

SC Uplet version 1.9 is here. This is one of those minor releases you don’t want to miss (no I didn’t take a course in marketing speech). It is mostly a bug fix release, and this time around it’s bugs that would actually prevent you from using parts of the application. There was also an issue preventing the automatic update check from working unless you had explicitly disabled and re-enabled it. So really, it’s a good idea to update to 1.9.

There are also some usability improvements. You can now change the default sort order for the “My Tracks” and “My Sets” dialogs between date and title. These dialogs now also have context menus which provides another way of opening and deleting tracks and sets. And last but not least, these two dialogs now load quite a bit faster, especially if you have a lot of items.

As always you can download the latest version on the project page. This version should be the most stable one yet, but I don’t cloud my sounds enough to run into every little corner case. If you do and find more problems, please contact me. Thanks!

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SC Uplet 1.8 Released With Minor Bug Fixes And A Mac Build

I just published SC Uplet version 1.8. This is a first shot at providing a version for Apple Mac OS X, so feedback is more than welcome (contact me here). The documentation provides installation instructions, and itself has undergone some modernization and can now be accessed right from the app itself. There were also some under-the-hood changes to touch up on some minor bugs and to improve the user experience for the new Mac version. And in case more bug spray is needed SC Uplet now checks for updates on start-up, which you can control from the new Preferences dialog box.

If you use SC Uplet on a regular basis, please consider making a donation. My audio upload service for Twitter, called TwUp, provides a handy PayPal button you can use. And with that out of the way, head over to the project page to download the new version.

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