FxEd: Accessible Editor For Roland Fantom-X And Derivatives

FxEd is an accessible editor for synthesizers based on the Roland Fantom-X: Fantom-X6/X7/X8/XR/Xa, Juno-G/Di/Gi/STAGE and SonicCell. It supports Patch, Rhythm and Performance mode editing (not Master mode). The editor communicates with the synthesizer using MIDI SysEx messages. The results of an editing session can also be saved to disk and reloaded later.

I wrote FxEd primarily to make it easier to use my Fantom-XR with screen reader software. As a consequence, most of the supported synths received little or no testing and probably have some issues. Please send me a bug report if things break. In general, if you’re not visually impaired you’re probably better off using the editors Roland provides.

To facilitate screen reader software, FxEd wraps the Fantom’s parameters into standard user interface controls and dumps them into a category page. These pages are then combined into a simple two-level category tree. One category tree makes up an editor mode. You can save and open SysEx files for an entire editor mode, an individual category or an individual parameter. You can also copy the active parameter’s SysEx to the clipboard for pasting into sequencer software. FxEd also supports reading and writing user items and it can automatically send and receive parameters as they are edited.

System requirements

  • Windows
  • Java
  • 5 MB of free disk space (yup)