SC Uplet: Accessible SoundCloud Uploader For Windows And Mac [Discontinued]

[Note: this software has been discontinued.]

SC Uplet is a simple utility to upload tracks to SoundCloud, bypassing the somewhat more limited web uploader. It supports all the commonly used fields such as title, description, genre, tag list and purchase URL. You can also specify to which social networks, if any, you’d like to share the newly uploaded sound, and optionally enter a custom sharing note. Art work images can be uploaded with your tracks. For power users, some of the more interesting fields, like BPM and key signature, are available.

The My Tracks dialog box lets you view the number of plays, downloads, comments and likes for each of your tracks. Tracks can be sorted based on any of these stats, for example most played or best liked. This dialog box also lets you access a track’s permalink or to delete it.

When uploading a new track you can choose to add it to a set (playlist). This can be either an existing set or a new set created on-the-fly. As with tracks, there is a My Sets dialog box for viewing basic information about your sets and to delete them.

SC Uplet is free software. It requires the Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or later. See the included README.html file for further details on installation and usage. Check this space for product updates. Feedback and questions can be sent using the contact form.